To date, I’ve won four awards and have been nominated for 14 others. In July 2018, I was awarded the ‘Young Stationers’ Award for Journalism and Communications’. I was awarded this for my writing “which takes a fresh perspective on themes such as women’s rights and the role of culture and religion in today’s society, particularly within minority communities”.

In October 2017, I won ‘Young Journalist of the Year’ at the GG2 Leadership Awards in recognition of my “outstanding work in the media”. The awards ceremony celebrates leading members from ethnic minority backgrounds in Britain who have made a considerable contribution to their respective fields. I was described as a “fearless and forthright writer and journalist”.

In November 2016, I won ‘Best Feature’ at the End Violence Against Women Media Awards, where I was the youngest journalist in my category. My winning feature for The Debrief [now Grazia],  ‘Think Honour Killings Don’t Happen in the UK? Think Again’, reported on the high incidence of so-called ‘honour-based’ violence in the UK. It was was commended for “helping the reader through the material gently and challenges myths in an organic way” and for being “well researched and not sensationalised”.

Recent nominations include the ‘New to Freelancing Award’ at the IPSE Freelancer Awards in May 2019, the ‘Media’ Award at the Women of the Future Awards in November 2018 and the ‘XCity Award for Outstanding Journalism’ at City Journalism in March 2018.